Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Real City Council Meeting

I have been to a few council meetings as of late and I think the most strikingly odd thing that happens there is the invocation, or prayer, that starts the meeting. Yes, I do believe in God and we say prayers every night together, but there is something disconcerting about praying in a public meeting. Especially when your sitting there knowing that not everybody in a governmental postion is even being honest or has any kind of integrity and yet they bow their head. Crazy. Point two is that the gentleman who gave the prayer, I assume he is from one of our local churches, prayed for God to make the leaves turn beautiful colors so that lots of  people would come here and make our town prosperous. Ok, That is like praying for lots of money, and I don't think that is what the point of religon is. He should be praying for enlightenment, so that council would not believe all the nonsense from the city administrator or city attorney. My two cents.
Ok, off the soap box and on to the real news. The cattle guard is finally in. The base of the old one was busted and they had to wait for it to be delivered. Yea right. That's not the real story, but continuing on. Something about sending out plans to be bid upon for a new transportation building. I am questioning the need for this but it's the first I've heard of it. I'll keep you posted, and yet they have no money for a fence.... Mary Bielz asked for the City to restore its funds for the YPYCS formally known as the EPYCS grants. This is monies distributed by a group of kids at the school. They try to fund community programs. In the past the money has come from the El Pomar Foundation with matching funds coming from the city, but unfortunately this funding will be gone by the Spring. If your organization would like to help continue this program please contact Mary Bielz. The City Council told her to move ahead with the program but ultimately could not promise any funding. After alot of hem hawing, Paul Harris recommended that the City hire a new auditing firm. We have had the same firm for 14 years, which is almost unheard of, Council all agreed that change is good. Public comment was again, of course, about the cows. Too bad the city administrator has had two years to deal with this but has ultimately failed. Wish he would actually tell the truth about it. The thing about lying is that it almost always comes back to bite you in the butt. I'll let it go at that since that's a story for another blog.

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  1. I have been reading the articles on the cows in cripple creek. Is it actually true that they painted a cattle guard to keep the cows out of town? That took allot of brains. So it said that Cripple Creek is too big, their a gaming town now, and the cows have to go. What the hell? What about the donkeys? And the big city barbecue. Oh yea thats funny. Well guess what? Half of you city council members were raised there right? Well so was Jack Gaffney, the one that you have to mention in every article that you right. And your sorry for trying to communicate and settle things nicely with him? All of this is not word for word it is just how I remember the article. Well Jack Gaffney's family was born and raised there. Generations back. Half of you are just coming and going. Your just looking for a fight, and trying to find something to bitch about. Why dont all of you get a damn life and worry about your own crap and leave the cows alone. Or you could wait for one of them to bump into your car and file and insurance claim, like was suggested in the paper. The only one with any brains is Jack Gaffney, he doesn't hurt anyone, and I'm sure is leasing the property the cows are on. And so what if he isn't find something else to bitch about. This is getting so old. Move on and bother someone else. And just a question, how much money is this taking to fight about the cows??? Aren't there other things that this money could be used for. Maybe books for the school or something. The city council meetings are a joke. Lets talk to two hours about a cow. Time managed well. Maybe someone could enlighten me on this problem. Maybe I'm just not getting the picture. Or maybe you could just paint me a sign like you painted the cattle guard. Maybe I can see if from another state. Whatever I'm pissed. One more thing; If your going to pray before the meetings why don't you stop gossiping and being two-faced. I wonder how many of you city council and other city officials would say hi to jack gaffney if you saw him and act like you really like him. You better just pray at night and ask God to forgive you for being two-faced and liars.