Thursday, September 24, 2009

Donkey Update

So, the word is that Tarzan has been found safe and Sweat Pea is being tended to. My sister who lives in the Springs, called me this morning, saying that there was an article in the Gazette about the donkeys. Of course she already knew the story since she reads this Blog. :) Now, the actual story about somebody shooting a donkey is not very funny. Even though I curse them for getting in my trash, I certainly wouldn't want any harm to come to them. Although nobody seemed to care when somebody was rumored to be shooting at our cows. Guess they're not as cute. At least they don't eat dirty diapers. Note to tourists....Don't let the donkeys lick your hands...Anyhoo, What struck me as hillariously funny was the comments made by complete idiots, who don't even live here. One commentor wondered if it was somehow related to the fact that donkeys are the mascot of the Democratic Party. What are we? Rednecks or something? I guess they think we walk around town swiggin beer and shootin at donkeys, cuz they done look like those nasty varmits we call domaracts....Yup, Yup. Oh Brother!!! Check out the link if you need a good laugh.

1 comment:

  1. you know what they should do is have a big barbecue. Not with the cows, but get the donkeys and the city officials together and all the jackasses could hang out together.