Thursday, October 1, 2009

Where Have I been?

Where have you been? You ask. Yes I'm still here. The Halloween show opens this Friday so I've been up to my ears in costumes for the last three weeks. You would not believe how much work it takes to get that stuff on stage. The show is great and I hope you all get to see it. Check out for tickets or stop by the theatre. Shows run Thurs through Sun until Oct 31st. You might want to check it out because it could be the last Halloween show since the Butte might be closing next year.
Some of you have posted comments but I'm not sure why they are not showing up. I'll try to figure that out today, ok lets be realistic, maybe sometime next week. Remember to become a follower or leave a comment with your name under my contest post Up A Cripple Creek Without a Paddle: Contest for Loyal Followers. Drawing will be on November 15th, so hurry up.

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  1. Brandie, opening night of the show was incredible. The melodrama had a great storyline, the olio topped last year's - which I didn't think was possible - and of course, the costumes were magnificent! I was heartened to see a packed house and heard many comments from people who were indignant about the possibility of the Butte going dark.