Tuesday, October 6, 2009

City Council Agenda 10/7 2009

Ok, Civic minded citizens, here's the scoop on the agenda. First is of course the reports from the city administrator, finance, and historic preservation. I really think that all city managers should be required to attend and update council themselves. I'll work on that. Back to the agenda. Planning commision- request approval for rezone of C1 to C2 to allow storage facility. John Bowman and Pioneer group applicants.
2- Disscusion- Improvement to Bennett Ave. and Safety Hazards. Chip Huffman and Bill McPherson. Ya think?
3- Recommendation- Historic Preservation Commission- funding from Vacant and under Maintained historic Building Program, Womacks Casino, I hope this isn't going towards that big empty storage unit with the really great mural.
Recommendation- HPC funding and repairs and painting, Elks Lodge
The only way to complain is be part of the process. If you don't get involved then you can't whine later.See you there.

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