Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sports Pics

I tend to be a shutterbug and I couldn't decide which pics to post this week. It was quite a daunting task to sort through all 120 pictures that I took at the Homecoming games, so I decided to add them to my Shutterfly account so that everybody could see them all. This way you can order directly from Shutterfly if there are any prints that you want. Check out the collage prints. They are really cool and fast scrappin'. You can add several pictures to one large print, and you can even add titles and text. The photo books are cool too. You might do one of those at the end of the season. Anyway,  Check out the link.
 Homecoming was a blast even though we had a slight incident with kids slashing our trailer tires. Some kids just look for any reason to cause trouble. Both the Varsity volleyball team and the football team won their games. First time in 9 years so I heard. Congrats to all of our athletes and coaches  for working so hard.
Floating down Bennett in their decked out boat, the Junior Class won The Best Float Honors. Talk about being literal. :) Homecoming Nominates for the Freshman were Cale Brown and Darian Carrillo, Sophmores were Tanner Watkins and Rachel Schiller, Juniors were Latasha Wolfe and Nick Elges, Seniors were Shawn Dubbs and Morgan Peterson. Drum Roll Please.............and the Homecoming Queen and King are.... Morgan Peterson and Shawn Dubbs. Yea!! Come back tommorrow for updates on the City Council meeting scheduled for this Wednesday.

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